107th St. Crew

107th St. Crew was a mafia crew based out of East Harlem, Manhattan. The crew was powerful before Lucky Luciano established what became known as the Five Families of New York City (although these were crime groups already in existence since before Luciano's establishment). At the time of Luciano's establishment, the 107th St. Crew was part of Gaetano Reina, the boss of a Harlem and Bronx based "family".

Reina named former 107th St. Crew leader Gaetano Lucchese his underboss, and eventually Lucchese became the boss of the family and family's namesake. During Lucchese's reign as underboss and boss, the crew became heavily involved in large scale heroin trafficking, and its leader Giovanni Ormento was one of America's largest traffickers with connections in Corsica, Marseilles, and Sicily, and headed what would eventually become known as the French Connection.

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